What muse amuses a muse?

What muse amuses a muse…?

Why an amusing muse of course…

So… I am frequently easily distracted and often this leads to me finding my own silly games to play to entertain myself…

So… yesterday… I forget what I was actually doing… but I found myself musing on the fact that often when I place down Tarot cards, I hear them as songs or sounds… and I started to wonder…. mmmm…. I wonder if I threw down 3 cards… What power chord would rock out to punctuate where I am now? What’s playing in the soundtrack of my life?

So… Da dah!!



So… I write down one word for each card… and I won’t tell you what each was… as  maybe you can pick your own and find your song…?

So… I took those 3 words and also added the word Lyrics…

Then I offered them up to the Google Oracle and the Youtube muse…

And this is what I got…

Oh… I am so easily amused… 😀

What’s playing in the soundtrack of your life?


5 thoughts on “What muse amuses a muse?

  1. But then I went back and tailored my same words like dialing in on the old FM stereo dial … and I think I found my new fave… and it works in the morning for grooves.


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