Tarot. The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All

Jordan Hoggard ~ Founder, The Architecture of Well-Being (R)

The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All…

It was an uroburos, head bite-touching the origin of its tail for just an archetypal nano-split second until that quark of an archetype embedded itself within just as quickly to disappear to become... a circle with no beginning and no end... with mystery intact living within it. Drawing a circle with a compass slowly is like... is like unfolding a watch's movements gears stretching their stationary orbiting to slow-slingshot outwards while still engaged becoming time-telling fractalled facets not infinite facets on a finite sphere as they shift focus and redirect scale in a constantly continuous manner consistently such as when drawing a perfect circle by hand without a compass for to draw a perfect circle one must be able to dancingly integrate the circular branch nature of the relatedness of things even if simply related by adjacency or infinity of non…

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