Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 27th to Nov 2nd Week

Scope out your ‘scopes…

Jordan Hoggard ~ Founder, The Architecture of Well-Being (R)


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Weekly Community Reading: Turbo Reading All Signs’ Cards Together

Turbo Reading sequence for “in general this week” reading using all the cards for the week:

~ King of Pentacles ~ Queen of Wands ~ Ace of Cups ~ 6 of Wands ~ XVII The Star ~ VIII Justice ~ King of Cups ~ 4 of Pentacles ~ Knight of Wands ~ XIX The Sun ~ 9 of Swords ~ X The Wheel ~

In general this week ~ You are the Master Builder ~ with your actively energetic clarity ~ as a welling new fount ~ of epic energies mutually exchanged. ~ Your celestial groove where you kick your rut not your butt ~ will serve to balance you out more clearly ~ so that the higher octave of your clear emotions ~…

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