Tarot Imagination Tools for Your Dec 1st to Dec 7th Week

Fave Rave… 😉

Jordan Hoggard ~ Founder, The Architecture of Well-Being (R)


My Weekly TarotScope Allies Column Is Now

Tarot Imagination Tools

“You may have heard of Area 51; a place of unsolved mysteries. Well, AREA 52 is the polar opposite.  It takes the guess work out of anything from personal roadblocks to unidentified patterns by clearing the way for you to connect with your purpose. Receiving a daily dose of AREA 52 is a great way to identify your mission. Get ready to take off!”
“Take Hoggard’s expansive mind, add his wealth of experiences, toss in some planetary influences and what do you get? Area 52 … A thought provoking and intriguing new approach to using tarot as a daily scene setter. The perfect blend of solid down to earth advice and witty cosmic ways to rock your days.” ~ Karen SealeyPure & Blessed Tarot,  Writer

Jordan Hoggard has…

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