White Buffalo Calf Woman Passes the Peace Pipe…

This month, my article for  Soul Path Magazine focused on White Buffalo Calf Woman and community…

I often refer to community when I am reading and people will ask me – What do you mean by that?

I tend to answer… well, it means different things to different people and most people belong to more than one community… I would say that it is any group of people where you feel you share common values, so family, or work colleagues or neighbours…

But this month, I sit with White Buffalo Calf Woman, who was said to have delivered the sacred pipe to the Sioux which is a symbol of peace, so I turn to my Tarot to consider how all the small communities that exist can connect to become one…

I asked White Buffalo Calf Woman –

How can I as an individual best find ways to connect all my small communities to contribute to a peaceful global community?

I split my Tarot deck into the 5 suits –Majors, Swords, Wands, Cups, Pentacles

Shuffled each pile and pulled a card from each suit and placed in the following position

1: Swords      2: Wands      3: Cups       4: Pentacles

Then answered the question from four different angles using each suit…

Using the Major card that has been pulled , I considered how to combine my four answers using the perspective of the Major Card…

White buffalo calf woman spread.jpg

To read this  in full and more great articles by a host of talented people,

check out Soul Path Magazine

It’s a massive 65 pages this month …

Soul Path Magazine


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