Pondering Procrastination…

So yesterday I came across the following question posed by Lyn Thurman…

What are you procrastinating over today?

Now my first response was… Mmm… I’ll get back to you…

Then I had a few more slightly serious thoughts on why sometimes I find procrastination to be a useful exercise…

But today, I woke up and thought… actually there is something that I’ve been promising myself that I would do, for quite some time…

And there’s been no excuse for not doing it sooner as little effort is required and the place I wanted to visit is practically on my doorstep… yet I guess that may be why I’ve not been sooner, as I know I can go anytime…

So… today… I finally paid a visit to the University of Leicester Botanic Garden

Hey… if you’re in the mood to procrastinate… it’s a wonderful place to go! 😀


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