My Secret Tarot Reading Method Revealed…

I get asked all the time..

How do you do that?

And I’m a capricious sprite at best…

But today, I’ll answer like this…

Water Beetle ~ K. Sealey
Water Beetle ~ K. Sealey

The waterbeetle here shall teach

A sermon far beyond your reach;

He flabbergasts the Human race

By gliding on the water’s face

With ease, celerity, and grace;

But if he ever stopped to think

Of how he did it, he would sink

~ Hilaire Belloc


What did you expect…


2 thoughts on “My Secret Tarot Reading Method Revealed…

  1. I expected a secret spread or something. Haha! Just kidding. Great explanation. Sometimes when I think about how I do what I do it reminds me of the Austin Powers movie when he tries to explain how he is able to travel into the future. He goes cross eyed. Haha. Oh lord.


  2. Lol it’s like when you do Yoga and get told to observe your breath… suddenly the simplest thing becomes ridiculous… just the very act of observing changes the rhythm and flow… Mmmm… did you not spot the secret spread below… you have to stand on your head to see it… 😉


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