Agent J and Agent K

If I lured you in here and you’re looking for Men In Black, then I’m sorry… I duped you, they’re not here… Instead you’ve just landed yourself into a world of conversations between tarot readers with a smattering of dark humour…

J – “You’re a VERY spiritual person.” That’s delicious. I’ll put that up there near the top of the clairfraudulent list with, “I see you’ve had pain in your life.” Wow, really? Let me try now. “ I see you have cards and a table.” Shaking head.

K – We should write a list of top 10 clairfraudulent lines. A few off the top of my head:
Who is it who likes flowers?
There’s someone with you… A man… Or maybe a woman… Either on your father’s side.. Or your mother’s…Hmmm… There’s someone who has a birthday every year…
You’ll be receiving more mail and a gift will come towards the end of December…
There’s someone who stopped breathing just before they passed…
There’s an old person with a back problem…
I wish I was making these up but unfortunately I’ve heard all of these for real!

J- That last one is another faves. We should do a poll. Which is the best worst. Free pre-approved Darwin App goes to the person who uses the worst. So, no one voting would “win,” just participate in laughter.

Top 10 clairfraudulent lines:
~ Who is it who likes flowers?
~ There’s someone with you… A man… Or maybe a woman… Either on your father’s side.. Or your mother’s…
~ It feels like you have had pain in your past. (Time Bandits and birth wasn’t a walk in the park 😉)
~ You seem to be a Seeker (uh hem, to someone who’s scheduled a reading?)
~ (guilt/shame trigger) Where’s Mr/Mrs Right in your life right now?

… to be continued…

K – Or… We could just go to a psychic supper and play Fraud Phrase Bingo. ‘I’m just passing on what spirit tells me, you may not know what it means but you need to ask around everyone you know as it will mean something to someone.’ Bingo! Full House! 🤣

J- That’s a good one.

“I’m just passing on what spirit tells me.” SUch a ruse that translates to, “I’m afraid to take responsibility for my actions, though I’ll turn on my verbiage faucet and attribute it to something else.”

~ I’m just a channel for things to come through. (Cool, I am comfortable with the not-knowing, too, though I adjust the water pressure at the spigot to tune the noises I make with words and actions)

~ I’m just a small medium at large (the dwarf, psychic, prison escapee (I’d like him on our team any day)

K- The dwarf is in!
Also – “Don’t shoot the messenger” and “You need to be more open, you’re blocking me. Your negative vibes are making it hard for spirit to get a good connection.” 🤣

OK!! Enough! Enough! Over to you…

What’s the best/worst clairfraudulent line that you’ve heard?

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