It’s not fair!

It’s my first forray into video… I had no intention of videoing and I was going to write but today my thumbs are sore, my back aches a little from lack of swimming and video cuts down the time I need to sit… I have no idea how to edit, so it is what it is…

OK… Despite sore thumbs and achy back, I’m back in the chair ever so briefly as I stopped short of making my main point…

My main point – when you’re normalising taking medication to get through the ups and downs of life, something is seriously fucking wrong! It’s not that people are faulty, it’s that society and the systems are fucked! The whole underlying structure is wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with failing, nothing wrong with not always getting what you want. Let’s face it, getting what you want can be the biggest fuck up of all. Sometimes we think we know what we want but is it really that or are we being nudged through the system…

Not getting what you want or more precisely not getting what you expected, is often a time to re-evaluate and set course for what you truly want rather than what you think you do…

Anyway… You get the jist and I’m kind of in need of going and shaking my ass and standing in the rain in the garden…

I leave you with Poetry and Jazz

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