They say a good Tarot reader always carries a deck…

III~XII~XXI Happy Tree-some The Empress ~ The Hanged Man ~ The World
(c) Karen Sealey 2013

So… A good Tarot reader always carries a deck?

I sat down with a bunch of Mystereum misfits and asked this trio what they thought…

The Empress (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

The Empress said to me…

Hey Karen, you’re the mother of 4… don’t you already carry enough junk around? Do you really want to keep your favourite deck in your handbag and risk it getting ruined? Come on, think about it… all sorts of random rubbish ends up in your bag… Don’t you remember that time when you were in the garden centre and you delved in to get your purse to pay and came out with a big hand full of pebbles?

Woman! you have a bag like a tardis and a mind that is even bigger… Keep your cards in your head and whip them out when needed… It’s far lighter to carry and if needs be, you can always have a look around and call upon Mother Nature for a few wise words.

The Hanged Man (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

A Head’s up from The Hanged Man

Hey Baby! Chill! Take a moment… think about who you are hanging out with… What’s the first thing you get asked when you sit in a crowd and people ask what you do?

Oh… have you got your cards with you? Can you read for me?

Yeah? and do they want to pay you? Not usually…

But… it’s not just tarot readers who get tapped up for freebies… I’ve seen it happen to a chiropodist 😀 that was shameless! The man said – hey check this out for me and whipped off his shoes and socks and planted his stinky foot onto the middle of the pub table…

C’mmon! Does your dentist work for free?

I suggest if you’re hanging with people who want to string you along, maybe you keep your space calm and clear and when they ask you what you do, maybe lie a little and tell them you’re a proctologist… and see if they still want to ask you probing questions… 😉

The World (c) Jordan Hoggard

Wise Words from The World

Yeah.. those two make some very good points… And, there’s no denying that the whole world loves a freebie. But… It’s a big world out there and you can shape it as you please.

I’d say yes… a good reader does always carry a deck…

A better reader carries business cards and an appointment book 😉

Top Tip…

Check out The Land of Mystereum 

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