No More Silence

I was holding off announcing this until I’d at least finished Waxtober but today through my letterbox dropped something that felt to be a sign…

Today is my Wedding Anniversary and so I guess a good day to announce a birth…

Finally… After many many twists and turns and changes of name… My deck is available for sale, over at The Game Crafter. Included in the price are two pdfs available to download.

1. Voices From Within – a collection of poetry inspired from the images…

2. A New Parent’s Guide – hints and worksheets to help you to get to know your new deck.

There’s a 3rd free pdf – which has thumbnails of the 22 images along with links to blog posts I wrote as I took the images into my daily life for a while to see what they would say… Feel free to snoop away…

(c) Karen Sealey 2020

Orphaned Oracle finally birthed… And breathe…

What birthing pains?

Let’s go again!

Time to crack on with the ORRO!

(c) Karen Sealey 2020

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