Waxtober 28

I looked at today’s waxing and felt a big cheesy grin spread across my face… A very big grin, a grin you could say that was big enough to befit a Cheshire Cat… Ah… Wandering in Wonderland again… As this is where my mind went…

My thoughts turned back in time to a couple of years ago when I decided nope! That’s the last time I hook up for an Astrology reading… Yup, I paid good money to sit with a grumpy caterpillar blowing smoke… What a waste of time and money that was… I went away thinking hmm… The only thing I’ve learnt today is big headed know it alls won’t (or can’t?) answer questions you’ve paid them to answer…

So… A couple of years on and I find there’s a new breed of Astrologer emerging onto the scene… Hmm… I wonder? He doesn’t look like a Grumpy Caterpillar but can he tell me what I want know…

Can he tell me What’s in a Web? Can he tell me how a butterfly flies?

However, I don’t hand him these questions… Instead I decide to test him out… To see how good he is… To see if he can deliver… So he gets tossed my birth details and I tell him – OK, I give you a free hand to tell me about me… What do you see?

I leave him to it and then I recieve an email – How do this resonate? I open it to find music to my eyes… I see story after story and all resonantly so very very me… I see remarkably clearly how the butterfly flies… I laugh at how the yellow brick road of Oz leads straight into/out of the signpost in Wonderand…

Astro Art Chart by Jordan Hoggard

Oh… But what about my rule? Never again speak to Astrologers… Oh no, it’s OK, it’s cool, I’ve found the exception to the rule. This Astrologer says nothing but answers everything! (Though I’m sure he’d speak to you, if you asked him to… I don’t know? Maybe best to go yourself and speak to him directly… You can find him HERE)

8 thoughts on “Waxtober 28

  1. 🙂 I was running along your story until BAM OH THAT’s FAMILIA…. Nod my head down smiling. Tag, I’m it. What a wonderful surprise, Karen. Thank you for the, “This Astrologer says nothing but answers everything.” What a resonant accolade. What a resonant accolade. Thank you! You just made my heart sing. My voice will clear a room, but not this… Thank you!

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    1. And, ohhh… I put special Holiday Pricing in the Shop for a limited time Since they take a bit to do. I want to make sure to close that down far enough in advance of the Holidays for Santa’s Workshop to make all commitments.

      Thank you again, Karen, and I am over the Full Moon with how wonderfully received Your Art Chart is.

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    2. YW Jordan! My heart sings everytime I look at my chart. It changes as the light changes in the room. Today I predominantly saw the red and black and spent a good while just swimming around the shapes and curves. 😍❤️ 🎶

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      1. I am over the moon, Karen, how your Chart resonates with you, and moves to express different things in different lights!! Thank you!! ❤ 🙂 “Music for the eyes.” I love how your framed that.

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