Detours and Diversions

This morning was one of those mornings where nothing went to plan. The sort of morning that bothers some people but which I strangely enjoy. I like that my daily routine is only semi-routine with lots of room for twists and turns and mini grand adventures. It amuses me how you can go completely off track yet still arrive at the right time… I don’t know how that happens. When people ask me how I do it, I tell them I bend time and space to my will. I don’t think they believe but they buy into my daydreams and humour me… Besides even if they don’t believe me, I’m never late, so they can’t disprove my magical mumbo jumbo…

Returning home, what should have been a simple task, sprawled out into faffing and farting around… Long story short, I decided that I’d hit my quota of sidestepping problems for the day and I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to check properly for sizes and ratios etc. for putting together the project I had in mind to work on today, before I started, rather than find myself half way through and facing an avoidable do over…

That didn’t happen! Instead I found an vaguely named file with a bunch of photos stored in it… Oh… Another abandoned project! I don’t remember exactly when I started it but I remember messing it up. It started off as a pyrography project that I wrecked by varnishing the backs with something that made my teeth itch everytime I looked at. I know the pieces of wood are somewhere in my room, where I don’t know as they got flung in annoyance. In my file, I found photos of the burnt symbols… Witches Runes…

The photos were pretty crappy and I wondered if I could tweak them into something more pleasant. I slid into a Virgoan wet dream of editing heaven… Rhythmic clicks and logically saved and sensibly names files until… Oh… A circular deck of 13 cards happens…

(c) Karen Sealey 2020

I guess today was the right day to edit…

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