Fresh Tobacco and Dead Badgers

Some people might say – Let it go… Rise above it… My mind in situations where that might be appropriate, instead says – It’s all just fresh tobacco and dead badgers. Sometimes I say that out loud and some people look at me oddly and other people who’ve heard me ramble on about the thoughts […]

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Waxtober 17

When I look at today’s waxing, I think Hmmm… and I feel my jaw clench as I purse my lips until they almost touch my nose… I think to myself that’s it’s an odd reaction and I wonder why I’ve done it… I look at the image and I see parts that remind my of […]

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Flying The Reiki Nest…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Welcome to the latest Reiki Blog Hop THEME:¬†The Importance of Being Earnest Jay Cassels set the theme for this hop, he offered the following prompt: This month’s topic is about our relationship with Reiki, and also our relationships with clients, students and ourselves. Consider that for every fantastic experience there has been some […]

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