Flying The Reiki Nest…

Welcome to the latest Reiki Blog Hop
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THEME: The Importance of Being Earnest
Jay Cassels set the theme for this hop, he offered the following prompt:
This month’s topic is about our relationship with Reiki, and also our relationships with clients, students and ourselves. Consider that for every fantastic experience there has been some not so fantastic, and for every amazing teacher there is one that hasn’t been, so reach into your heart/soul space and explore in your entry the relationship that you have with Reiki, where has it has taken you.
Ok… so let’s see where this takes me… I know it says ‘Reiki’ and this may be on topic or it could be wildly off as when I think of Reiki, the way that my brain hears that is universal life force and so although I’ve had the ups and downs in the Reiki community, I’m not really feeling the urge to go back and dissect old ground… and instead I’ll spread my wings into relationships with the world at large… because after all… aren’t we all supposed to be one big global community?
So… the importance of being earnest… I’m all for speaking your truth but over the last few years and it feels especially so over the last year or so… this speaking your truth feels to have been hijacked and perverted and become a phrase that’s bandied around as an excuse for abject rudeness… Let’s put aside all the fiascos in politics of late as hey man! I don’t have the mental real estate to deal with that right now… ok… I probably do but I’m using that as a segue to launch into just a few of my least favourite things… I’m constantly flabbergasted that never before have there been so many ways to communicate with so many people yet communication is done so badly… I’ve got a whole list of bugbears here but I’ll try and be mindful and try to avoid making my reader feel like they’re being held captive… though of course if I did ramble the whole list then you may fell victim to Stockholm syndrome and never want to leave… but bear with me… I’m writing this at 3:00 am so I’m just going to go with the first 3 things that come off the top of my head in what may end up as an incoherent ill thought out ramble but hey… let’s see what happens…
Radical self-care
Oh yes… now this one really takes the biscuit… I absolutely understand the need for self-care but hey! Ranty tirades and petulant stomping about asserting your personal boundaries and cries of puh-lease! do me the courtesy of respecting me and my space…
Well, sweety… your space ends where my nose begins… so do us all a favour and pull your crown chakra outta your base chakra and go do your self-care to your heart’s content… well out of my face…
Like-minded people
No! Just stop it! There’s nothing that hits my ears in a more shrill way than this phrase… this is beyond fingernails being dragged over chalkboards… Like minded people… isn’t it great to hang out with like- minded people? No, actually it sucks… I’m not an intentionally antagonistic person (except for the times when I am…) but I much prefer the company of people who can argue the toss without getting butthurt… Surrounding yourself in an echo chamber of like-minded people feels like a slow and stifling death… a desiccation of creativity sucked dry by excess positivity that bolsters the lacklustre and mediocre… This is why I quit teaching adult basic education… compulsory cheer-leading ignoring reality… expecting to be in collusion with unrealistic goals, and no recognition of limitations… The fact of the matter is that there are some things in life that require aptitude and talent and no amount of positive thinking and surrounding yourself with people who agree with your every word is going to change that… trust me… I’ve tried! I’ve been swimming lengths and focusing on getting gold at the next Olympics… the sad fact is the best I’m going to achieve is to manage to look as though I’m not drowning…
Oh… but if you disagree with one of the like-minded then you join the ranks of …
Oh well… obviously you are no-one until you have haters… Really? See from my cynical standpoint it often looks like an underhanded way to flog your shit… summon your minions… boost your sales without trying to look as though you are overtly selling… From another equally cynical standpoint… get over yourself! This phrase along with troll makes me gip… it seems that it’s often a lazy way to shut down a difference of opinion… I’m sure there are genuinely asshats out there who deserve the moniker but to start #hittingthehashtags like grannies with handbags trying to barge their way to the best pickings at the jumble sale… give me a break…
So where does all this take me with regards to Reiki… well there used to be a time when I would try to remember all 5 precepts… now I have them all condensed to one…
Ok… granted… today I’ve probably failed…
But tomorrow I’ll try to keep it peachy :*
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10 thoughts on “Flying The Reiki Nest…

  1. “Like-minded people” is one of mine too! The first time I heard it, all those years ago, I thought, that’s silly. So I started using the phrase “differently-minded people” assuming everyone would immediately see how ridiculous the first phrase was and move on to the next thing. I can’t believe I still hear that phrase all the time! And somehow my phrase never caught on….

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  2. Like-minded is a bit like an echo chamber or a mirror; it feels like great yeah you agree but at the same token its also has a yeah, you really don’t like conflict; I completely adored this entry because it truly flags up what is right and also very wrong with things at the moment.

    There’s this total being correct and inoffensive to the extreme going on, more so in Reiki, where it’s like My Reiki is better than your Reiki thing, and you need to agree with me here in a diva-esque type way. Universe forbid that you disagree and say well actually no they are all from the same place and just at a different frequency.

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