Waxtober 23

I guess the first thing that strikes me about today’s waxing is the complete shift in energy… Yesterday’s image spoke of closing off chapters… Of doors closing so other doors can open. Today’s image comes swimming in like salmon heading upstream… Everything feels to have changed from what has come before… New colours and new […]

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Waxtober 22

Today’s waxing fills me with laughter! I see a gravestone… the phrase for today has been – Thank God that’s over and done with! The last few months of my life have been filled with bugbears and beyond Brazil levels of bureaucracy… Under the old normal, things that would have been moderately inconvenient turned, under […]

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Waxtober 21

I look at today’s waxing and see many things relating to a fledgling project… It’s very much under wraps at present, a skeleton in place, muscles gathering in another place… Conversations unfolding as to how the pieces fit together… Creativity stirring but I’ll not say more as this fledgling is nowhere near ready to fly […]

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Waxtober 20

Today’s waxing left me with a conundrum… I found myself rich in thoughts on a day when I’m time poor… Hmm… Should I roll it over to tomorrow or should I find a way to work more quickly today? I looked at the blank white space… I glanced my eyes around the room… My line […]

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Waxtober 19

Waxing today drifted into a narcolepsy and notepad kind of day… I’ll briefly outline my thoughts but I know that when readings come through in this way, they are slow brews that become fuller flavoured over the coming days and weeks… I looked at the colours and thought of fluorite and kyanite briefly before my […]

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Waxtober 18

Today’s waxing opened up a conversation with Odin… admittedly, I didn’t see him at first. Initially, I was drawn into the cabbage like shape and drifting in idle thoughts trying to decide whether those lines looked like the veins in a placenta or more like an evolutionary tree of life… thinking about how shapes in […]

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Waxtober 17

When I look at today’s waxing, I think Hmmm… and I feel my jaw clench as I purse my lips until they almost touch my nose… I think to myself that’s it’s an odd reaction and I wonder why I’ve done it… I look at the image and I see parts that remind my of […]

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Waxtober 16

I look at this morning’s waxing and smile. I see a small shape… Out of curiosity, I lay the 3×3 grid over my photo… The shape is cut in half by the vertical line between the 1st and 2nd thirds and it floats just slightly above the horizontal line that sits between the top and […]

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Waxtober 15

Looking at today’s waxing, the first thing I see is a pencil sharpener and pencil shavings. I guess it’s an echo of the amount of time I’ve been sat at my desk over the last couple months, making edits and tweaks. And whilst not actually using a pencil, it is fair to say that I’ve […]

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Waxtober 14

I guess the first thing I noticed about today’s waxing was the shift in tone. Yesterday’s was a greyish black and the previous pieces have all been quite muted colours in comparison to colours that I would consider to be more my kind of colours… I’d be hard pressed to tell you exactly which my […]

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